Nathalia Rojas

At a very young age, Nathalia knew that she needed to work on the importance of living consciously and helping others; hence, she decided to combine her creativity and business passions to make her dream come true. In preparation for that future, Nathalia completed studies in Montreal, the Sorbonne University, the University of Monaco, and Cesa University in Bogotá, Colombia.

In 2015 she founded Transcendent Mind Studios with a mandate to produce messages that raise awareness and achieve a significant change in people through transmedia productions.

Nathalia believes humanity is bonded by a common goal. That goal is togetherness and empathy regardless of race, age, disposition, or religion. Transcendent Mind Studios aims to bind humans together around stories that reflect who all of us are.

Nathalia is in charge of leading all the organizational aspects of the company, intellectual properties, and its production services process by providing expert logistical and creative oversight from early development to wrap, enabling the company’s production team to perform optimally.

Nathalia has an ambitious goal: to make an impact on society through creative productions.