Andy Pearson

Andy is VP of Creative at Liquid Death Mountain Water. As one of the fastest growing non-alc beverage brands of all time, Liquid Death is the first bold, hilarious beverage focused on health and sustainability. We take the healthiest thing you can drink (water) and package it into infinitely recyclable tallboy cans that can actually compete with the fun marketing of unhealthy brands across energy drinks, beer, and junk food. A portion of Liquid Death’s proceeds goes to the nonprofits who are helping to fight plastic pollution and bring clean drinking water to those in need.

Andy oversees the brand’s output across its viral marketing campaigns, weekly merch drops, experiential efforts, and even just those silly posts that show up in your feed every day. In his tenure, Liquid Death has infused Tony Hawk’s blood into skateboards, put a beer commercial starring kids on the Super Bowl, gave Steve-O a water tattoo, and launch a workout VHS starring Bert Kreischer.