Hana Golden

Hana Golden began her career at PepsiCo in 2009 in the finance department, but quickly realized her passions laid with the intricacies of consumer rationale and loyal brand love. After pursuing her MBA in Marketing Strategy from the SMU Cox School of business she returned to Frito Lay and has since held various roles building brand & retail strategies through consistent Omni channel communications and life centric innovation.

She has seen the power of brand communications, but a few stick out. One of her favorite memories of connecting with consumers was an in home study learning how an individual connected with his estranged father due to a Ruffles brand activation. Additionally, having her children trying The Imagine brand Yogurt Stars product which she helped develop as a part of a white space assignment was a special activation that truly hit close to home.

She has been known to try salsa & dips with a spoon in restaurant settings and never turns away trying a new chip or snac