Mebrulin Francisco

As part of the data solutions team within essenceMediacom, Mebrulin is a strategic data partner serving as a bridge to data and tech stack solutions. In this role, she assesses client needs, connects to appropriate data solutions, and develops advance audience strategies to create personalized consumer journeys. Using a data agnostic approach to insights and innovative data mining techniques, Meb strives to bring research and analytics to the forefront of the discussion. Her mission is to inspire, inform, and push the boundaries on how data can be used to drive business results. Meb has worked with major U.S. marketers across a broad range of products and service including: Coca Cola, Signet, Uber, Walgreens, Nestle, Target, Universal Pictures, Ikea, US Census, AARP, NBC Universal, MARS, Citi, Colgate, Tamiflu, among others. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Integrated Marketing from New York University with a specialization in Marketing Analytics. She is co-chair of the