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Google raked in almost $60 billion in advertising revenue in Q2 2022 alone. Comparing Google to any competitor is an exercise in futility: even Facebook only drew in a meager $28 billion during the same time period. So why would anyone leave the leader in tech ad revenue for a smaller company?

In this session, Kevin O’Kane, Chief Advertising Officer at SmartNews, will detail the lessons learned during his time at Google and will dig into the lucrative opportunities advertisers can capitalize on through working with news apps

Before SmartNews, Kevin was the Managing Director of Google Marketing Solution Advertising in APAC, where he spent over 11 years leading multiple global partnership organizations with revenue accountability of $1B+ across Telcos, OEMs, Online, Distribution and SMB partnerships.

From his time at Google, Kevin surfaced numerous significant lessons and successful strategies that can be applied to businesses of any size. From artificial intelligence and machine learning’s important role in advertising to figuring out how to hire the right people, Kevin will use this session to discuss his approach to building a successful advertising division and the unique opportunities presented to advertisers by news apps. View Less

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  1. The news is more critical than ever. Advertising on news discovery platforms gives you the chance to reach people during a focused, important moment of their day.
  2. This can be done in a Brand Safe way with partners that align with your mission and values.
  3. SmartNews represents an opportunity to reach a desirable, highly engaged audience to drive results for your business.

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Ruth Mortimer Global President Advertising Week
Kevin O'Kane Chief Advertising Business Officer SmartNews

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