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As the industry adjusts to marketing with less audience data, it’s time to put creativity at the center of campaign optimization. Finally, marketers can tap into the power of AI-based systems to learn how creative decisions affect performance outcomes.

Empowered by data-informed insights, modern marketers can boldly make more intelligent creative decisions. Explore the benefits of using computer vision to unearth valuable insights on campaign performance, enabling brands to optimize their most valuable asset — creative.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why the fastest path to revenue/ROAS/profitability is creative.
  2. How brands are employing creative data for significant advantage over peers still guessing in the dark.
  3. How to produce irresistible creative that just works.

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Will Post Head of Revenue VidMob
Josh Rabenovets VP of Marketing Strategy, Performance & Technology NFL
Chris Marino Global Head of Performance Marketing & Media Bloomberg Media
Laura Troy Director, Social Media US & Canada Marriott International

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Track  Data & Decisions