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After their early trailblazing years, today’s technology companies looking to scale often find themselves caught in a competitive pack of others chasing the same goal. Hear from Opendoor, Affirm and Venables Bell + Partners leaders on how to take a new tech company through their difficult teenage years to both thrive today and build an enduring and iconic brand that can stand the test and pressure of time.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Strategies for taking tech brands through early development phases and on the path to becoming iconic.
  2. How to strike the right balance between performance and brand imperatives.
  3. Insights on how to rally technology-focused organizations around brand opportunities.

Presented with


Gavin Jones Managing Director Venables Bell + Partners
Erika White VP, Marketing and Communications Affirm
David Corns VP, Marketing Opendoor
Katie Kempner Founder, Creator and Host, "Perspectives with Katie Kempner" Kempner Communications

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Track  Brands & Marketers