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The AWAccelerator program provides education and acceleration to media, consumer and marketing-related technology companies. Participants will learn and connect with the world’s greatest marketers and have strategic amplification access to the Advertising Week global platform. The innovation program will connect startups to AW constituents around the globe including brands, agencies, media companies, investment and more.

Leveling Up in Leadership with Hartbeat CEO Thai Randolph and BrainTrust Founder Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

Join Hartbeat CEO Thai Randolph as she kicks off the Future is Female AWAccelerator alongside BrainTrust Founder Kendra Bracken-Ferguson to share how to nimbly and strategically fast-track your career by finding success as you build a brand. The two will share key learnings for how they forged their paths as women in business, how to raise capital to further their company mission as female executives, and ultimately break glass ceilings.

Note: AWAccelerate is Invitation-Only

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  1. Advice on how to level up in leadership and break glass ceilings in business
  2. Unique challenges and tips on raising capital as a female executive

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Kendra Bracken-Ferguson Founder & CEO BrainTrust
Thai Randolph CEO HartBeat

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