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Post #MeToo, post-Roe, and post-BLM, women’s media faces a new, unprecedented landscape as it navigates ground-shifting political and cultural headwinds. What exactly do women want to consume right now? How are audiences responding to this moment? How do you ensure your brand is urgent and relevant yet also commercial and responsive to the current marketplace? We talk to leading women’s media editors about what comes next for the industry and their brands, what’s irrevocably changed, and what they’ve learned from it.

Meet the women at the helm of some of the most zeitgeisty sites for women and hear the critical learnings they’ve gleaned from their audiences in the wake of this new era. This panel includes Vanessa De Luca, Editor in Chief of The Root, Laura Bassett, Editor in Chief of Jezebel and Amanda Duberman, Editorial Director of Betches Sup. The discussion will be moderated by Laura Brounstein, a women's content specialist who has held senior editorial roles at Self, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. View Less

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  1. Women’s media is as important as ever, arguably more so, in these unprecedented times. How have audience expectations changed in the way of recent events?
  2. What’s important to women now, and how do they apply that lens to their favored brands?
  3. How has women's media changed in the past 5, 10 and 20 years?

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Vanessa De Luca Editor In Chief The Root
Laura Bassett Editor in Chief Jezebel
Amanda Duberman Editorial Director Betches Media
Laura Brounstein Founder Brounstein Ventures

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Track  Future is Female