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74% of people on Twitter are gamers, and with over 2B Tweets about gaming in 2020, Twitter is where the community gathers to share their love of new games. That’s why Amazon Games came to Twitter to launch “New World” and tap into Twitter's epic gaming audience to tease, launch, drive to download and sustain the momentum of the game’s arrival — all on Twitter's timeline. Learn how the campaign unfolded and created massive shifts in awareness, followers and game downloads.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to tease, launch and sustain a gaming campaign on Twitter.
  2. The value of connecting with the gaming community to drive full funnel results.
  3. How Amazon leaned into Twitter’s ad products to create an unique experience for gaming fans.

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Stephen Saiz Head of Growth Amazon Games
Chad Tully Industry Director, Retail Twitter

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