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This year, a brand-funded film won an Oscar (The Long Goodbye, presented by WeTransfer). We’ll explore the different ways brands are approaching film and episodic content, how they can best get their message to audiences, find distribution at scale and make an impact through entertainment.

We’ll look at why agencies and creative partners need to add this skill set to their arsenal to help brands achieve their goals and how to do it in a manner that ensures success.

Audiences, especially younger demographics, want to buy from brands that reflect their values and interests, and there is no better way to show a brand’s genuine values than through film and episodic content.

Successful films and series also get watched, talked about and shared in ways that reach audiences on a deeper level than “branded content” or advertising.

This session will look at examples of successful brand campaigns using film and episodic series. We’ll explore different creative and distribution strategies — from having a movie in theaters, to re-igniting interest in an entire sport through a series on Netflix, and a few in-betweens to see how brands and their agencies and creative partners can successfully navigate the entertainment industry. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Branded entertainment best practices.
  2. Breaking into film and episodic content.
  3. Activations around films.
  4. Marketing films.
  5. Agencies developing new skills for client.


Brian Newman Founder Sub-Genre

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