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Diversity and inclusion efforts across companies are visibly increasing and are, in many places, becoming mandatories. But is this the way to go?

There appears to be a gap between announcing commitments to diversity and ensuring a long-term strategy is in place to not only promote diversity and inclusion but truly maintain and nurture it for generations to come.

How can women leaders prepare themselves to contribute on the building of a truly diverse world?

How can business leaders ensure that when they leave their roles, those in place will continue to push for diversity, equity and inclusivity?

How can business leaders work together so the changes promoted in their companies can have a bigger impact outside of it?

This session will provide insight from three global female business leaders to explore how companies need to go beyond simply showing a commitment to diversity and inclusion and instead implement a strategy for longstanding change, both internally and externally. View Less

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  1. Today’s employees and consumers are far from one-dimensional — they are some of the most diverse ones we’ve seen — complex and multifaceted. No group can be targeted generically.
  2. Strong women build strong women. It is important for leaders to build self-confidence — and teach it to others — to promote an inclusive future.
  3. It’s not enough for companies to just recognize diversity, leaders must embody the words they’re saying and strategize for long-term change.

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Renata Altenfelder Global Brand and Marketing Lead Lenovo Mobile Business Group (Motorola)
Karla Schlieper President Mondelēz Canada
Jennifer Burns Vice President of Brand and Growth Marketing VillageMD
Belinda Smith Global CEO and Founder The Second Arrow
Kendra Clark Senior Reporter The Drum

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