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A national advertising campaign typically has broad appeal. But how can a national marketing message meet the local needs of a franchise brand with a presence in all 50 states & 40+ countries?

Marketing veteran & Coldwell Banker CMO, David Marine, and EVP of Marketing & Creative for Coldwell Banker Bain in Seattle, Scott Hannaman, reveal the strategy & execution behind the Coldwell Banker Real Estate brand’s 2022 “Dream” campaign that did just that & how other CMOs can support business growth at the national & local levels

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How messaging and creative that can flex to different markets and audiences drives bigger results.
  2. How building a better mousetrap starts with better cheese.
  3. How you can find the gaps where you can differentiate in a crowded marketplace.

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David Marine Chief Marketing Officer Coldwell Banker
Scott Hannaman Executive Vice President of Marketing & Creative Coldwell Banker Bain

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