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Approaching inclusion in advertising with confidence can be challenging, but it’s crucial to make underrepresented groups feel seen — and heard. Unpack how to build meaningful engagement with one of the most underrepresented groups in podcasting: women.

These creators, who have found success in spaces dominated by men, share how they use the power of podcasting to connect with audiences and be their most authentic selves. They create and share diverse stories that entertain, all while delivering success and ROI for brands.

Four creators covering a broad range of experience in the media world have forged loyal followings among Gen Z and Millennial audiences through one of today’s most popular platforms — podcasting.

We see a huge demand from advertisers for female-skewing content, but there is still a discrepancy on the creator side, with fewer than 30% of podcasts being hosted by women. There’s an opportunity/incentive to support women in podcasting, especially those going into genres typically led by and geared toward men. More female creators mean more female audiences and more ad revenue flowing into the industry.

The research tells us that podcast audiences embrace brands that support their creators and listeners. Learn from multiple industry perspectives how your brand can take action, build authentic connections with audiences and craft a podcast ad strategy that drives results. View Less

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  1. Discover how the podcast ad environment speaks to female audiences on a deeper, more authentic level, and how that connection will elevate your brand.
  2. Learn how a focus on collaboration and conversations generates ROI through stronger brand awareness and positive brand perception.
  3. Unlock the persistent discrepancies in gender across the podcast industry and meet creators who are fighting the status quo — and winning.
  4. Gain inspiration and motivation to pursue strategic partnerships with creators who hold shared mission/values.

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Tori Dunlap Owner/Founder Her First $100k
Mina Starsiak Hawk Owner/Co-Founder Two Chicks and a Hammer
Steph Colbourn CEO/Founder editaudio
Reena Ninan Founder Good Trouble Productions
Donelle Brown SVP, Marketing Insights & Client Relations AdLarge
Cathy Csukas co-CEO/co-Founder AdLarge

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