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Approaching inclusion in advertising with confidence can be a challenge. But it’s crucial to make under-represented groups, like women, feel seen. How can brands bring diverse stories to the forefront that entertain and drive growth?

Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer, System1 will uncover the answers with Tyrona Heath, Director, Market Engagement — The B2B Institute at LinkedIn; Amelia Hanibelsz, Exec. Director of Development, Race and Culture, ABC News Studios & Jason Rosario, Chief DE&I Officer, BBDO Worldwide.

The speakers have unique perspectives on why feeling seen in advertising feels good:

Heath offers insights from the brand and advertising platform side, speaking to how LinkedIn leverages diversity, equity and inclusion in its ad campaigns and how the company is helping its own advertisers make more effective and inclusive ads.

Rosario brings the ad agency viewpoint, highlighting the importance of having diverse teams in the room when developing creative, especially ads for and about diverse groups that must tell authentic stories.    

Hanibelsz has 20+ years of experience discovering and cultivating new talent for content initiatives on leading media networks. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The business case for diversity — how does diversity drive long-term market share growth?
  2. Gaps in inclusive advertising — which diverse audiences are underrepresented in ads today?
  3. What success looks like — which brands are the “Star Performers” when it comes to acing inclusion in advertising and how can others learn from this?
  4. The agency’s role in developing creative that celebrates under-represented groups — how can agencies help their clients improve their briefs, casting and final product?

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Jon Evans Chief Customer Officer System1
Jason Rosario Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer BBDO Worldwide
Ty Heath Director of Market Engagement, The B2B Institute LinkedIn
Amelia Hanibelsz Executive Director of Development for Race and Culture ABC News Studios

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