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Americans over the age of 50 constitute nearly half of the adult US population, and they are avid users of technology. By 2030, the 50+ market will have grown to 132 million, and they will be spending $108 billion annually on tech products.

The pandemic accelerated their use of technology, driving a rise in the use of smartphones for activities such as making online purchases, ordering groceries, banking, entertainment and using a multitude of mobile apps.

These new tech habits among people over age 50 are enduring and continue to drive increased year-over-year engagement with tech.

In 10 minutes, AARP’s Purvi Doraiswamy lays out what you need to know about the 50+ audience and key trends in how they are engaging with technology.
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  1. Older adults engage with various media channels the often surprise marketers (web, tv/streaming, radio, print, voice, etc).
  2. Older adults are using digital technology today.
  3. The pandemic changed older adults’ use of technology and smartphones.

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Rebecca Eaves Global Vice President Advertising Week
Purvi Doraiswamy Vice President, Digital Operations AARP

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