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When Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight'' debuted on Disney+, Marvel Entertainment worked with Marvel Studios to create an interactive experience for viewers that would help expand their knowledge of Marvel’s comic book history and characters. It led to QR Codes being strategically placed in the background of scenes that, when scanned, treated viewers to a weekly free digital comic featuring Moon Knight, thanks to the Marvel Unlimited digital comics subscription service.

To date, the promotional landing pages for the Marvel Studios Disney+ series have received over 2.3 million visits, leading to over 675,000 full comics read. Hear from Marvel Entertainment's Jessica Malloy, VP, Marketing and Digital Media, about how their collaboration with Bitly helped bring the series to life and how they're thinking about QR Codes for future activations.

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  1. Learn what QR code trends are dominating the global marketing industry.
  2. See which brands and industries are leading the way in adoption.
  3. See real examples of the new and innovative ways brands and marketers are leveraging QR codes to create personalized content experiences.
  4. Get ideas on how to get an edge over your competition by building QR codes into your brand and marketing strategies.

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Toby Gabriner CEO Bitly
Jessica Malloy VP of Marketing, Digital Media Marvel Entertainment

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