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What is action-based marketing? It's the term every marketer needs to know as it will replace people-based marketing. Surfside discovered action-based marketing through its work in the cannabis space — when most usual marketing channels are shut to you, you have to adapt and lean into new ways to reach people.

Join Surfside's Co-Founder/Co-CEO and the Director of Digital Marketing at PharmaCann Inc., one of the nation’s largest privately held, vertically integrated cannabis companies, as they take you through a case study in how this new marketing philosophy can revolutionize any business and help you discover new marketing approaches. Expect to learn everything you need to know for 2023.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Building stronger audiences with action-based audiences.
  2. The value of first-party data for personalized targeting and measurement.
  3. Owning your customer data for long term success and portability.


Jonathon Lowen Co-Founder/Co-CEO Surfside
Bryan Benavides Director of Digital Marketing PharmaCann

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Track  Advances in AdTech