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The world of TV is more fragmented and evolving faster than ever before. What do brands need to do to play a role in this environment? We bring together experts in the advanced TV space to show marketers just how to move TV forward — with everything from moving from GRPS to CPMS and audience-based buying, to multiscreen TV and achieving optimal deduplicated reach and frequency, to data and outcome measurement never before possible.

As television has become more fragmented, YouTube has been carving out a key spot for itself, frequently calling TV its “fastest growing screen.”

In fact, earlier this year, YouTube made its first appearance at the Upfronts, TV’s biggest marketing and sales event, signaling that any advertiser who still thinks of YouTube as only a social platform is missing out.

In this fireside chat, Brian Quinn, Chief Growth Officer, Pixability, sits down with Advertising Week’s Michael Gewirtzman to discuss YouTube’s evolution and why brands should be making it a bigger part of their TV strategy. View Less

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  1. YouTube has evolved into so much more than a social platform and presents a bigger opportunity to connect with audiences than ever before.
  2. YouTube has the biggest reach of all streaming platforms in the U.S. and it is important for brands to shift their mindset around how to best leverage this channel.
  3. To stay relevant and reach the right audience, brands need to make YouTube a bigger part of their TV strategy.

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Michael Gewirtzman Global Vice President, Programming Advertising Week
Brian Quinn Chief Growth Officer Pixability

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