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With endless content options and screens, engaging an audience in a significant way is more essential and valuable than ever. In this session, Sean McCaffrey, CEO of GSTV, discusses what a real moment of attention can do to provide a meaningful experience for the viewer and drive consumer action for brands and advertisers.

In the world of omnichannel video, premium video can garner outsized attention. Advertisers are prioritizing a closer connection to real consumer moments of attention, engagement and measured outcomes.

Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO of GSTV, knows this well as, every day, consumers encounter brand content on GSTV screens during a regular weekly engagement as they fuel up.

Learn more about the power of a true moment of attention for advertisers across key categories, including CPG, QSR, entertainment, and financial services, among others, who need to use video to drive both an immediate call to action as well as a meet consumers in a real-world moment of attention and engagement on the path to purchase. View Less

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  1. Attention has a constant and growing drumbeat of importance from media buyers.
  2. In an increasingly omnichannel world, the ability to capture the consumer at “right time, right place, right moment” is more true than ever.
  3. Meaningful moments of attention and real consumer engagement drive outsized returns across outcomes including brand lift, sales lift, purchase intent, store visitation and more.
  4. With a focus on audience, behaviors, and impact, platforms that offer flexibility and engage consumers with premium video drive true moments of engagement, and ultimately help an advertiser’s activation dollars work harder.

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Michael Gewirtzman Global Vice President, Programming Advertising Week
Sean McCaffrey President and CEO GSTV

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