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Streamers, cable networks and pay per view, oh my! This is not your mama’s sports viewing experience. There is no doubt, for sports leagues to stay relevant, they must meet the viewer where they watch. So, what does that look like in 2022? How have cable networks entered the game? How has the definition of “sports viewer” changed? What insights can we glean from the sports fan viewing experience that allows us to reach them when the final whistle blows? Natasha Sinagoga sits down to discuss the state of play in sports TV.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Evolution of Sports TV.
  2. Interesting facts on the sports viewer.
  3. How brands can reach sports fans outside of sports programming.


Michael Gewirtzman Global Vice President, Programming Advertising Week
Natasha Sinagoga Regional Vice President Ampersand

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Track  Moving TV Forward