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Consumers have grown accustomed to having a unified commerce device in their hands, an on-demand entertainment system in their living rooms, and any number of smart, shopping-enabled devices around them.

Tech has created the expectation of a frictionless experience — one marketers often refer to as "the connected future." That connected future is here.

Join Infillion and Airship to learn more about how seamless mobile experiences are delighting consumers and delivering outstanding returns for marketers.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How can advertisers handle consumer retail data in a privacy-forward manner while still producing returns?
  2. Where does the line fall between relevance and intrusiveness in mobile marketing, and how can advertisers make sure they stay on the right side of that line?
  3. What innovations still need to happen to create a truly frictionless experience?

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Laurel Rossi CMO Infillion
Tom Butta Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer Airship
Peter Adams Reporter Marketing Dive

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