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Media has always been a strong sector for women in our industry, however, C-Suite positions for women dramatically lag progress made in other industries. Enjoy an intimate session with Christa Carone, President, Infillion Media, where she'll talk about how she's successfully navigated the media, marketing, tech and finance sectors to round out a decades-long career — to lead one of the fastest-growing companies in tech.

Christa Carone, President, Infillion Media, will go beyond the obvious and talk about building a successful career that drives business value, personal growth and leadership success. Christa joined Infillion in October 2021 to help reposition the company post-merger and used her experience across many industries to build a highly successful sales organization, new product roadmap and a profitable business. View Less

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  1. Becoming a great leader requires multiple skills.
  2. Leading in this new media landscape means bringing your whole self to work everyday.
  3. Building a successful career for women means aggressively pursuing relationships with leaders you admire.

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Louise DiIulio Executive Director, Global Partnerships & AWNewYork Advertising Week
Christa Carone President Infillion

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