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Amidst the great resignation, companies and agencies are keenly focused on bringing brand stories to life in fresh new ways. This requires recruiting and retaining the next generation of marketing and advertising talent.

As the workforce becomes increasingly multigenerational and multicultural, what do younger employees expect from company leadership, and how can employers stay competitive and relevant as the search for quality talent gets tougher?

This leadership breakfast panel will explore these questions and more. This is an invite-only event.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Perspectives from young practitioners on the current state of recruitment and employment in the ads industry.
  2. Advice on being an attractive employer to up-and-coming members of the workforce.
  3. How and where the industry will find the next generation of leaders.

Presented with


Faith Xue Executive Beauty Director Bustle Digital Group
Joy Ekuta Co-Founder, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Retrospect
Walter Frye Global Director of Brand Marketing Amazon
TJ Lim Managing Director, USPB Head of Client Digital Platforms and Strategy JP Morgan

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