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A lively discussion exploring the importance of fans for brands today, the different types of fans and how brands can activate against them through communications, social media, collaborations, social causes/initiatives and digital activations.

Fan culture has a powerful impact on a brand’s ascension into relevance, power and popularity. Informed by new, original research, we will bring brand experts together to explore the pathways for brands to successfully build and activate a fan community.

Exploring the various types of fans, we discuss how to cultivate unique relationships with each fan type. Brands have more options and creative opportunities to activate fan engagement and fuel the spread of their influence. With engagement opportunities growing, we explore the activation platforms that resonate, from social media spaces, to IRL, to the metaverse.

Insights from our latest thought leadership research will combine with lessons learned from the birthplace of fandom — sports and entertainment — to unlock powerful insights that help brands connect and grow their most devout and influential customers. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The fundamental ingredients to building brand fandom.
  2. Platforms and experiences that amplify fandom.
  3. The factors that maximize influence of a brand fan — from one to many.

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Fotoulla Damaskos SVP, Brand Strategy and Innovation National Research Group
Ryan Linder Global Chief Marketing Officer Stagwell
Jay Kaufman EVP, Head of Sports Marketing National Research Group
Neda Whitney SVP, Head of Marketing Christie’s
Sarah Myles Director, Communications Measurement & Insights McDonalds

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