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Weather is one of the most dynamic forces in consumers’ lives. It shapes our everyday behavior, emotions and habits, drives workforce productivity and sentiment, is responsible for 90% of natural disasters and ultimately affects trillions of dollars in global economic spend.

As our climate intensifies, weather’s influence accelerates. And today, it is one of the fundamental drivers of consumer attitudes and buying patterns. Sheri Bachstein, the CEO of the world’s most trusted weather brand, The Weather Company, and GM of IBM Watson Advertising, will give us an exclusive look inside the market-leading business, including why marketers find it critical to stand up a weather strategy. View Less

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  1. A business update from one of the world's most trusted brand.
  2. The importance of a weather strategy.
  3. The future of the subscription business.

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Ruth Mortimer Global President Advertising Week
Sheri Bachstein CEO of The Weather Company and GM of IBM Watson Advertising IBM

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Track  Game Changers