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The Betches network of social media accounts are responsible for some of the most shareable and culturally relevant content. This year, Betches launched the Betches Group Chat, hosted on Geneva, creating community groups for their digital and podcast audiences to connect with each other. Betches has also expanded offline and was one of few media brands to successfully launch a CPG product: Faux Pas™ — a comedy-first, ready-to-drink canned cocktail in partnership with Spirit of Gallo.

Hear from Randi Windt, VP, Sales & Brand Partnerships @betches, Arisara Srisethnil, Sr. Director, Marketing @betches and Nicole Pellegrino, Director, TikTok Content & Strategy to understand the unique digital marketing tactics they use to grow, engage and convert followers across platforms and IRL. View Less

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  1. Community building.
  2. Audience growth and engagement.
  3. Brand extensions.

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Arisara Srisethnil Sr. Director, Marketing Betches
Randi Windt Vice President, Sales & Brand Partnerships Betches
Nicole Pellegrino Director, TikTok Content & Strategy Betches

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