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Marketers have historically relied upon conceptual knowledge and savvy to find relevant audiences for advertising. In spite of the recent shift toward data-driven marketing decisioning, both approaches remain fraught with bias, often quite unintentionally.

The old ways of targeting fail to honor new ways of thinking (or the unique, stereotype-defying way many consumers today live). In this panel, we'll talk about how marketers can rework targeting, throw their biases out the window, and deliver a more effective ad campaign.

Reliance on assumptions about who our ideal customers are and what they want have inadvertently baked bias into our acquisition strategies; to the degree that traditional segmentation has worked in the past, it has always excluded cohorts of eligible consumers.

Fast forward to today — people have evolved; families don’t look like they have been illustrated in the past; individuals embrace their unique identities that make them who they are — we have so much more color and nuance in our world today. So while sometimes, it is a mom shopping for kids’ clothing, it’s also just as likely that dad may do the shopping too. And that’s just one example of defying stereotypes.

The old ways of targeting are no longer valid because they don’t honor new ways of thinking. In this panel, we will talk about how marketers can rework targeting, throw their biases out the window and deliver a more effective ad campaign to better connect with their customers. View Less

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  1. Adopt modern, bias-free and future-proof approaches to audience segmentation.
  2. Drive unrivaled ad campaign success while connecting meaningfully with customers.
  3. Embrace first-party customer data for smarter, behavior-based targeting.

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Reggie Wideman Chief of Staff, Head of Strategy Lytics
Giusy Buonfantino Vice President, Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Solutions Google Cloud
Steven Moy CEO Barbarian

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