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Engagement, views, clicks — these are the metrics of modern marketing. But the most important campaigns are rarely designed to drive clicks. When a Presidential candidate asks for your vote, when governments need to build demand for vaccination, and when top brands launch new TV campaigns, they are looking to change minds. But how do you measure and optimize for minds changed? Swayable’s CEO, James Slezak, founded Swayable to measure, track and optimize how content changes minds.

Swayable applies rigorous data science and sampling techniques to forecast how content affects interest. In 5 years, Swayable has shaken up our understanding of what’s possible in measuring persuasion, working with billion-dollar brands and Presidential campaigns alike.

Matt and James will discuss what these techniques mean means for marketers and storytellers.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Get an update on the state of campaign measurement innovation.
  2. Hear how brands are using persuasion metrics to develop campaigns.
  3. Learn how to use pre-testing to forecast your best campaign.

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Matt Scheckner Chairman Advertising Week
James Slezak CEO, Founder Swayable

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Track  Advances in AdTech