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OpenX recently announced major sustainability advances with a reduction of its own carbon emissions by more than 90%, official certification as a CarbonNeutral® Company and a commitment to net-zero certification.

OpenX CEO John Gentry and Advertising Week Chairman and CEO Matt Scheckner will discuss how transformational sustainability achievements are possible for companies of any size, including the steps OpenX took to become more environmentally friendly and set the highest quality standards for the industry to follow.

Gentry will share details about how OpenX replatformed its entire business infrastructure in order to achieve its efficiencies and how it worked with internationally recognized leaders to inventory and third-party verify its carbon accounting to become the first ad exchange to achieve official carbon neutral certification.

The two will also dive into the company's plans to continue on its path to become certified as a net-zero enterprise, including its net-zero pledge with the Science Based Targets initiative as well as OpenX’s plans to bring more environmentally friendly programmatic buying solutions to advertisers. View Less

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  1. Environmental sustainability in advertising and why it matters
  2. How brands and agencies can educate themselves on reducing their emissions
  3. The biggest challenges and opportunities facing the advertising industry in its efforts to be more sustainable

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John Gentry CEO OpenX
Matt Scheckner Chairman Advertising Week

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