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As the consumer journey continues to evolve, and commerce categories as we know them start to grow far beyond strictly retail, the programmatic advertising ecosystem is expanding and allowing data-driven advertisers more opportunities to meet consumers at their most shoppable moments.

In this session, hear from Erin Lastra, Sr. Director, Business Development at Criteo, and leaders across the retail media ecosystem, as they discuss the current state of programmatic and the future opportunities that lie ahead.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What does the future of programmatic look like, and what opportunities are on the horizon for the commerce media space?
  2. The current state of retail DSPs & PMPs.
  3. Evolving strategies around the path to purchase, and reaching customers at their most shoppable moments.

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Erin Lastra Sr. Director, Business Development Criteo
Mike Feldman SVP, Head of Commerce & Retail Media Dentsu
Anna Kruse VP, Best Buy Ads & Media Strategy Best Buy

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Track  Advances in AdTech