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With a lack of clarity as to when a cookie-less world will exist, the workhorses of the open internet — mid-to-long-tail publishers — are at a critical juncture. And so are advertisers, who must find ways to maintain quality and reach across these content-rich niches through legitimate value exchanges.

How can publishers replace lost data and continue to attract advertiser spend? Who can facilitate direct relationships and help advertisers capture audiences at scale? Join as we talk to leadership at companies across the supply chain about best practices on navigating what could be the most critical change in the history of the open internet.
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  1. Brands have an opportunity deliver enormous efficiency and value from mid-tail publishers.
  2. Playbook for brands on working with mid- to long-tail publishers to deliver performance.
  3. The larger part of the open web has such untapped potential.

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Rachel Parkin EVP, Strategy & Sales CafeMedia
Karan Dalal SVP Business Development & Operations
Ahmad Nashef Director of Programmatic OMD

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