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According to TDG Research, six in 10 U.S. homes are using a FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) platform. For content creators, the gold rush to secure streaming dominance is on, while advertisers are eager to find out if CTV can perform as effectively as other tech-enabled media they’ve leveraged for the last 20 years.

With subscriber growth waning and appetites for free, ad-supported content growing, there are big questions for both streaming companies and brands that need to be answered: Will walled content gardens persist, or will they soon fall, providing greater freedom for users to move and discover content regardless of the distributor? Will tech-enabled televisions grant advertisers greater access to audience data analytics and even more effective and impactful paths to performance and brand lift?

This discussion will be about the likelihood of all scenarios and what it will take to get there. View Less

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  1. How are streaming companies tackling the content discovery challenge?
  2. Ways CTV advertising is filling the gap cookies are leaving behind.
  3. Understanding subscriber churn, content libraries, and the increasing demand for ad-supported viewing models.

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Nick Sallon Chief Partnerships Officer Bloomberg Media
Sean Doherty, Jr. Co-Founder & COO Wurl
Mike Fisher VP, Advanced TV & Audio GroupM/Essence

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