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We know it’s a best practice for agencies to have an ERG to encourage inclusion — but what results should agencies see from inclusion efforts? Should clients also expect to see benefits from their agencies’ inclusive strategies?

This panel session will outline examples of best practices and how to apply learnings from ERGs into your work, as well as explore client expectations.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insights into why effectiveness in ERGs is important and what that effectiveness looks like.
  2. An understanding of how clients can benefit from their agencies’ ERGs.
  3. Steps agency employees can take in improving their inclusivity strategy.

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Amy Litt VP, Communications Planning CMI Media Group
Brian Ellner US Public Affairs Lead at WPP, Executive Sponsor for WPP Unite in North America WPP
Julie Hurvitz Aliaga EVP, Innovation, Content and Partnerships CMI Media Group
Tasha Gilroy Chief Equity Inclusion & Belonging Officer VMLY&R

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