John Antoniello

John is passionate about disrupting cultural norms that have negative micro & macro impacts. John strives to show brands that doing good is also good for business, through projects that range from revolutionizing the stock photo industry to change the way women, femmes and nonbinary people are represented, to partnering with policy makers to pass legislation to end hair discrimination, to hijacking social media to combat sexism, to creating the world's first crowdsourced platform for gender equality solutions.

As a queer person, John fell in love with the digital world because of its fluid boundaries and endless possibilities. As a creative director with a dual background in design and programming, John has nearly two decades of experience leading marketing and platform efforts for a variety of global brands including Dove, Uniqlo, Volkswagen and HeForShe. John’s work has garnered over seventy international awards, including the Glass Lion for Social Change, the Global Effie for Positive Change, the Jay Chiat Award for Global Strategy, and the Grand Clio for Social Good.