Jeff Carvalho

Jeff Carvalho is one of today’s leading experts in youth culture having spent two decades closely covering the market. In 2007, he joined Highsnobiety and, under his direction, established it as the authority on street culture. As the cofounder of the highly-praised brand, Carvalho grew its North American operations from a publication to expand into a full range of services. Today, Highsnobiety includes an in-house agency, an experiential marketing team, and a commerce division. It’s worked with a variety of brands, from Amazon to adidas, Gucci to Mattel (to name a few), that turn to Highsnobiety and Carvalho as the go-to voices in street culture.

Today, he's exploring how the metaverse and web3 technology will impact the future of culture. His agency, Burrata, is helping brands strategize for the coming future.