Julia Haart

Julia Haart is the Co-Owner and CEO of Elite World Group - the world’s first talent media conglomerate comprised of 48 global agencies representing over 5,400 of the world’s most dynamic talent. With a highly diverse talent roster that includes actors, artists, athletes, celebrities, creatives, models, musicians, and even virtual avatars, EWG offers its blue-chip clients the most culturally connected talent in the world, reaching nearly two billion social media users worldwide. Under Haart’s leadership, EWG has transformed the traditional talent management business — redefining media by empowering talent voices to become impactful content channels. Melding the worlds of commerce and technology, Haart is leveraging virtual content, immersive experiences and hyper-realistic avatars to launch a new virtual marketing company – EWG Virtual. Haart’s mission to revolutionize the talent industry is the focus of the Netflix series My Unorthodox Life. The unscripted docuseries is an elevated, glamorous and inspiring show that follows the professional and personal life of Haart. The series tracks Haart and EWG as they set out on a mission to revolutionize the talent industry into one of female empowerment by shifting the power dynamic and transforming talent into media channels and internationally recognized brands. My Unorthodox Life takes you on a journey through Julia Haart’s untamed, unpredictable, and unorthodox life. Haart’s upcoming autobiography, Brazen, will be released March 2022. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.