Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris is a celebrated actor and producer best known for her starring role as “Lilly Rush” in CBS’s global hit Cold Case which ran for seven seasons and remains one of television’s most watched dramas to date.

In 2013, Kathryn gave birth to twin boys who, at 18 months, were diagnosed with a broad spectrum of autism disorders. This bombshell opened a whole new world to Kathryn and her family. What started as a private journey into single motherhood, self-education, and unexplained illness evolved into a victorious story of hope, cutting edge wellness, inclusion and joy for her twins who are now 8 and thriving.

Inspired by her personal journey, in 2021, she founded The Savants initiative, which aims to revolutionize how the world is living on and off the spectrum moving awareness into action via inclusive content, commerce and resources for both parents and the supporting community.