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As consumers increasingly search and discover in more omni ways, shopping moments are blurring. Opportunities to engage with the shopper are growing by the day, in countless micro-moments along their journey. The best retail media platforms understand the ever-changing nuances of search and shopping behavior, and in turn, deliver a multitude of connection points for advertisers to engage, inspire and convert customers. Hear from Lex Josephs, Walmart Connect’s VP of Sales and AdTech Partnerships as she sits down with Sri Rajagopalan, Chief Omnichannel Commercial Officer of General Mills, about how Walmart’s omni channel strategy is paying off, including Walmart Connect’s focus on building offerings that expand outside of traditional digital channels​ to connect brands more meaningfully in customers’ everyday lives.

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  1. The best retail media platforms allow advertisers to engage with customers regardless of how they chose to shop, to drive inspiration, engagement, and demand, both online and in-store.
  2. Finding ways to get closer to the customer, closer to data and closer to purchase are critical.
  3. Aligning your big bets with your media partner results in integrated planning and 360 omni experiences that unlock more value for you and the customer.

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Lex Josephs VP, Sales & AdTech Partnerships Walmart Connect
Sri Rajagopalan Chief omnichannel commercial officer, U.S. retail General Mills

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