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As responsible marketing continues to be a priority for global brands, important initiatives like the GARM industry standards have created a common language for brand safety and brand suitability. Hear from Zefr's co-founder and co-CEO Rich Raddon and TikTok's Global Head of Brand Safety and Industry Relations Dave Byrne on the industry progress in adopting the GARM industry framework, and how brands and agencies can turn the framework into action.

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  1. The next era of brand safety and brand suitability will require more precise tools for marketers.
  2. The GARM Framework provides consistency and accountability for Safety and Suitability definitions.
  3. The difference between open-web focused approaches vs. video strategies.

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Dave Byrne Global Head of Brand Safety and Industry Relations TikTok
Rich Raddon Co-CEO & Co-Founder Zefr

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