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Since joining forces in 2011, Hennessy and Droga5 have created some of the most awarded work in the industry. "Never Stop. Never Settle." is the mantra, and driving force at the center of this work and is a consistent truth throughout Hennessy and Droga5’s collaborations. Join an intimate discussion with the leaders behind this brand-agency duo and walk away with everyday strategies to bring intercultural inspiration and creativity to general market work in a way that is genuine, respectful, and effectively long-lasting.

As Hennessy and Droga5 harnessed creativity, storytelling and craft to push the brand’s heritage towards the values of a new generation, together they've set an intercultural foundation for Hennessy across the brand’s portfolio including Hennessy V.S, Hennessy V.S.O.P as well as its partnership with the NBA. By leveraging world-class creativity, the brand tapped into universal truths of pursuing potential through diverse stories, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of cultural differences and a thoughtful approach to intercultural storytelling.

While the journey Hennessy and Droga5 are on is far from finished, important lessons emerged about how brands and their creative partners can meet the moments of culture authentically and get further involved with their audiences.
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  1. How to leverage creative storytelling and craft to connect a brand's legacy and heritage to the values of a new generation
  2. How to foster an agency-client relationship built on a foundation of shared trust, empathy and respect in order to creative world-class work
  3. How the power of a brand and its creative partner can create an enduring storytelling platform and meet moments of culture authentically together.

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Harry Roman-Torres Chief Brand Strategy Officer Droga5 New York
Haywood Watkins III Creative Director Droga5
Jasmin Allen Senior Vice President Hennessy US
John Dioso Editor Ad Age Studio 30

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