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From live events to where you invest in marketing, what’s the future of customer experience… what will stay the same and how will it evolve?
1. Brands have had to adapt their customer experience dramatically in the last year. What was the first thing you did during the pandemic to pivot your customer experience?

2. Luckily, we’ve come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic. So, as you’ve evolved your customer experience this year could you share your thoughts on how live events are going to evolve. How is American Express adapting its approach?

3. As you focus on remaining personable, hyper local and connected to your customers, is there any other technology you’re hoping to leverage or are already using to improve the customer experience and better connect with your audience?

4. As live experiences shift, how does this relate to advertising - where and how are you showing up?
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Elizabeth Rutledge Chief Marketing Officer American Express

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