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The advertising community is on a hunt for new measurement solutions that protect consumer privacy and yet allow for predictable measures of brand growth through aggregate and cohort-level audience behavior.

Intentional consumer attention with brand-produced content and experiences will become an important metric for advertisers. Our analysis of user behaviors across major platforms suggests that a brand’s share of consumer attention in a category is an important predictor of future market share gains.

The advertising industry is entering a new era of measurement challenges. Without explicit consumer consent, marketers cannot clearly measure the impact of brand marketing investments on sales. Privacy concerns will eventually prevent the level of consumer tracking required for causal attribution.

I predict the future of measurement to be focused on intentional consumer attention based on consumer choice to seek, watch, and interact with the brand-created content, stories, experiences, etc. at a cohort level. A brand's ability to achieve incremental share of intentional attention in its category will determine its future growth in market share.

Behavior analysis of several million, brand-created video content posted by brand marketers on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram suggests a high correlation between a brand’s share of attention with its growth in market share across several industry categories. View Less

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Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer AcuityAds Inc.

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