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As the world becomes increasingly cross-screen and addressable, buyers and sellers alike must leverage and collaborate with first-party data. Thanks to advancements in privacy-first data collaboration, TV companies can now pursue data partnerships, preserving consumer privacy and security while unlocking new use cases to deliver higher ROI. Through these enhanced capabilities, buyers and sellers gain access to improved measurement across all touch points. Customer experiences also become more personalized than ever before.

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  1. Grow addressability across all video and TV environments by creating new and high-value first-party audiences, including the data of key buy- and sell-side partners
  2. Participate in a balanced collaboration ecosystem, where both buy- and sell-side companies manage their own set of features and controls
  3. Overcome historic silos between linear, digital video and CTV to measure holistically and at pace with modern viewing habits for the first time

Presented with


Jack Bamberger Chief Commercial Officer Amobee
Kevin Arrix SVP, Dish Media Dish Network
Jay Prasad Chief Strategy Officer, LiveRamp TV LiveRamp
Justin Rosen SVP, Data and Insights Ampersand
Maureen Bosetti Chief Partnerships Officer Initiative

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Event Type Session

Track  Retail & Ecommerce