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What you make matters more than you think. With climate change and social change pressing in on humanity, our output as designers (and our input as consumers) is crucial to creating the world we want to live in. How can today’s designers take on the role of activist in an impactful way? How can our response to the human desire for growth, beauty and convenience shift entire social movements?

We’ll talk with four designers making huge strides by doing what they do best - creating products and content that bring taboo subjects to the forefront. We’ll find out how they created crucial conversations and helped to foster cultural shifts around female sexuality, body image, mindfulness and more.
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  1. How tech accelerates creativity
  2. How to identify what people really want, before they may even know it
  3. What inspires designers to push social and cultural boundaries
  4. What inspires designers to push social and cultural boundaries

Presented with


Ti Chang Co-Founder and VP of Design Crave
Daniel Acutt Creative Director and Design Lead NOWATCH
Brie Read Founder and CEO SNAG TIGHTS
Mladen Barbaric Founder Airgraft
Kecia Benvenuto Connections Director futurefactor

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Event Type Great Minds