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Last month, NPR announced a brand new podcast hosted by sports icon and personality Jay Williams. Each week, he’ll go deep with sports, entertainment, and pop culture figures to understand the strategies people need to grow empires out of their personalities. Today, NPR Sr. Director of Programming Yolanda Sangweni chats with Jay about the stories he wants to share, his dream guests, and what success will look like to him. Plus, hear why Jay chose audio and why he’s excited to be partnering with NPR.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Go deep into Jay Williams’ life story, and how he hustled his way out of the dark after a life-changing accident.
  2. Learn about how Jay is hoping to make the strategies and experiences of culturally relevant icons accessible to the everyday person through his podcast.
  3. Hear how Jay incorporates his “boardroom” to inform his decision-making and gain knowledge from others.

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Jay Williams Former NBA Player, TV Analyst, Podcast Host
Yolanda Sangweni Senior Director, Programming NPR

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