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With the continued growth in digital and programmatic, we are at the brink of programmatic revolution – programmatic is the future of advertising. For programmatic to earn its rightful place in the minds of marketers, enabling transparency is critical to success. Transparency between brands, marketers and consumers is more important than ever - and transparency in privacy, brand safety, the programmatic supply path and measurement are key factors leading us to this massive industry shift. Join this fireside chat to hear how top marketers can navigate the changing advertising landscape.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How full transparency in privacy, measurement, supply path and brand safety are more important than ever for marketers
  2. How vital transparency is when it comes to privacy, data transparency and control for consumers
  3. Why improving measurement and transparency as the advertising industry heads towards a cookie-less future is critical for success
  4. How to overcome the current landscape and navigate the challenges of brand safety in a programmatic environment
  5. How we need to have transparency into the programmatic supply chain for marketers to better understand what they are buying is efficient, do partners in supply path bring value to the transaction and where their brand is showing up

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Tim Vanderhook CEO and Co-Founder Viant
Josh Stinchcomb Global Chief Revenue Officer Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group

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