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Every major media company, tech platform, advertiser and agency has reconfigured itself to capitalize on the power of converged TV. The transition to an all video marketplace has significantly impacted every aspect of TV advertising, from currency and trading to audience targeting, identity, and measurement. A converged approach brings data sets together, breaks down silos and walled-gardens, and opens up more unified metrics to support full cross-screen, cross-media, cross-platform adoption.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Welcoming new, future-proofed currencies with insights from Sean Cunningham, President of VAB
  2. How currency standards are changing and are being met with an industry-shared passion to evolve TV measurement
  3. The power of linear and streaming seen through real converged measurement results
  4. Trends and insights facing converged TV adoption

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Jo Kinsella President TVSquared
Sean Cunningham President & CEO VAB

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