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Digital transformation is upon us once again. Just as the “blogosphere” was the buzzword for Web 2.0, the “metaverse” has become the new buzzword for Web 3.0. But with so much jargon and hype, how do we as marketers cut through the clutter to leverage this cultural trend in a meaningful way?

Join Reddit’s Head of KarmaLab, Will Cady as he unpacks the recent changes in human behavior online, explores the role of community amidst this shift and provides real world examples of brand engagement, and success, in this space. View Less

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  1. Why the shift to Web 3.0 matters to brands and marketers
  2. The key behavior shifts expected as a result of this transformation
  3. How brands and marketers can act on these changes in a meaningful way
  4. Best practice examples of brands already getting it “right”

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Will Cady Reddit Global Director of KarmaLab Reddit

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