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“Power” shapes every interaction we have. In our personal lives, at work, and beyond, power structures can determine everything from our sense of identity to how societies are governed.

And over the past year, power and its role in the conversation around equity has become all the more important. The reality is, and one that is often glossed over, in order to truly be equitable, those in power must relinquish some to others.

In this session, Jamal Smith, VP at BlackRock, and Aaron Powers, Managing Director at SYLVAIN will argue that the distribution of power is essential in creating and inspiring boldness in agency work culture, and work output. Drawing from examples in pop culture, history, technology, business, and their own experiences, Jamal and Aaron will leave the audience with concrete tips on how to effectively release their own power in a way that creates true reformation. Because diversity of thought - which is only possible by giving everyone a seat at the table - is the power that morphs good companies into indispensable ones.

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Jamal Smith Vice President BlackRock
Aaron Powers Managing Director SYLVAIN

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